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Welcome to the Ophthalmology website of Dr. Zoran Aleksic FCS (SA) Ophth.

Dr Aleksic has dedicated almost all of his medical career to Ophthalmology, and as one of the Best Ophthalmologists in Cape Town has a proven track record of not only diagnosing and treating multiple eye diseases but also utilises the very latest medical science and procedures to:


  • Perform Cataract Surgery

  • Perform Multifocal Lens Surgery

  • Perform Laser Refractive Eye Surgery

  • Treat Glaucoma

  • Treat Age-related Macular Degeneration

  • Treat Pterygium


This website is dedicated to teaching patients and non-medical personnel about the importance of good eye care and offers an insight into what Ophthalmology is and what it offers prospective patients.

Why Visit an Ophthalmologist?

Ophthalmologists such as Dr Aleksic are trained physicians and surgeons who have undergone some of the most rigorous medical training in the world. An Ophthalmologist is a specialist in Ophthalmology and has both a medical degree as well as an additional five years of ophthalmology residency training. Further training is also undertaken, and this includes specialist surgical training as well as the use and operation of specialised Ophthalmological equipment such as surgical lasers. Ophthalmologists are exceptionally well-versed in more than just health conditions that affect the eyes and can diagnose and treat not just eye diseases but can also diagnose systemic diseases which can in some cases be fatal if left untreated.

When Should I Visit an Ophthalmologist?

If you’re living with low vision or any other medical eye care disorders it is advisable to add an Ophthalmologist to your eyesight rehabilitation team. Not only will they assist you with both the treatment and care of numerous eye diseases, but they will also collaborate with your optometrist and/or optician to ensure that you not only preserve your eyesight whenever possible but also to assist you with increased day-to-day lifestyle independence.


Please Book an Ophthalmologist Appointment if any of the following eye conditions or medical considerations play a part in your life:


If you have diabetes - High blood sugar can damage the blood vessels in the eye which can contribute towards vision loss.


If you experience vision changes during pregnancy - Some women suffer from dry eyes, pregnancy-related diabetes or high blood pressure, which can affect their eyesight.


If you’re considering LASIK or other refractive surgery - Ensure that you’re a good candidate for this type of surgery by consulting with an Ophthalmologist before you spend any money on the procedure.


If you suffer from dry eyes -  An ophthalmologist can both pinpoint the cause as well as find the correct treatment to help alleviate or even cure dry eyes. 

If you’ve suffered an acute eye injury - We highly recommend that in the event of a serious eye injury that you seek immediate medical attention at a hospital. The emergency medical trauma team will work closely with a resident Ophthalmologist to ensure that the correct diagnosis and treatment of the eye injury is obtained to ensure that permanent damage is possibly lessened or avoided completely. The eye injuries include, but are by no means limited to Sports-related Eye Injuries, Foreign Object Related Eye Injuries and Liquid Chemical or Gas Related Eye Injuries.

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